The 'Grasshopper' Type Beam Engine has been based on one in a well known steam museum.
It is relatively easy to make and assemble, and makes a very attractive model which is quite fascinating to watch when working. We have found it will run on a very low pressure of about 15lbs sq in.
The early steam engines have always held a fascination for model engineers from when the engines first became self contained, developed from the practices of using the engine house structures as engine supports, and ceasing to use wooden beams in favour of all metal construction.
The beam engine was the first of them all, appearing in various forms, A-frame type, full Entablature with four or more vertical columns, Grasshopper, Centre Column, etc., and it is not difficult to understand the appeal as the best of these were quite majestic in movement and appearance, the Grasshopper type being very popular with model engineers.
Cylinder 1 3/8" Bore x 2" Stroke - Base 18 1/4" x 6" - Flywheel 9 7/8"

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Versions available:
Drawings - GB201
Full set of 18 castings - GB202
Governor gears - GB203